Rose Care Tips


Since roses last on a short term period, just about a week. Here are practical tips to follow, so that your roses can last a bit longer. If the roses were delivered to you in loose bunches or boxed, here’s what you should do: first, keep the roses in a cool place until you are able to complete the preparation of the flower food solution, following carefully the mixing directions found on the food packet; second, use a clean vase with water and add the flower food solution; third, remove the leaves that are found near the bottom of the rose stem and are below the waterline of the vase, once you put the roses into the vase, since leaves are carriers of bacterial growth which may limit the water being absorbed by the rose stems; fourth, after two days, re-cut the stems about 1 to 2 inches with a sharp knife and put back the roses into the vase or into a newly-filled, clean vase. In some florists, they provide a flower food solution packet and give them instructions on how to keep the roses for a longer period. Here’s a good read about dozen roses, check it out!

If you ordered roses so you would rather use them for floral arrangements, here, too, are tips that may be helpful for you to follow: first, have a clean vase filled with water or using a floral foam soaked with water; second, use flower food solution and mixed it with the water on the vase, the ratio should be a pint or quart of water to one packet of flower food; third, every two days or more, re-cut the stems by 1 to 2 inches with a sharp knife and immediately put back the roses into the vase; fourth, put the vase with the roses in a cool area, about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, away from the sunlight for the roses to last longer; fifth, here are a few recommendations to arrange roses – if your roses consist of a bunch of the yellow ones, put them together with a backdrop of berry-laden viburnum branches, contrasting the bright yellow roses with the rich green of the berry branches; for red roses, cut the stems at different heights and create a multilevel arrangement and surround the rich, red roses with greenery for a striking look; for delicate pink roses, parsely can serve as a contrast plant to blend with the roses, which when combined sends off two fragrances of the roses and parsely that can help you be energized; and for salmon-color roses, you can be uncompromising in using black feathers to contrast the bouquet of roses and show off a wonderful centerpiece. To gather more awesome ideas on roses delivery, click here to get started.


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